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When the sun comes out, proper sun protection is essential. Glatz offers you high-quality parasols in different colours and shapes. Thanks to the world’s largest range of parasols, you are guaranteed to find just the right parasol to suit your needs at Glatz. Find out more about our online offers. You can find the right Glatz dealer near you using our dealer search.


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Garden parasols

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Glatz has been one of the leading manufacturers of parasols in Europe and across the world for over 125 years. A Glatz parasol provides reliable protection for your skin against ultraviolet rays with the maximum possible UV protection of more than 98%.

Parasol types: cantilever parasols and centre-pole parasols

Parasols can basically be divided into two types:

● Cantilever parasols

● Centre-pole parasols

In both cases, you can choose either an aluminium or wooden frame. Both parasol types are in a league of their own when it comes to operation and longevity.

Cantilever parasol

The parasol mast of a cantilever parasol is positioned to the side of the parasol roof. This design delivers the maximum shade coverage with the minimum space requirement. This can be very convenient, especially on smaller balconies.

Centre-pole parasol

The centre-pole parasol is the classic parasol design. The parasol mast is mounted exactly in the centre under the parasol roof. The advantages of this classic model include its ease of use and very high wind stability.

Round and rectangular parasols

Whether you should opt for a round or rectangular parasol depends on where you use it and your personal design preferences. Regardless of the shape of parasol you choose, Glatz guarantees the highest standards in terms of quality and longevity.

Round parasols

Many people consider round parasols to be the classic option. The round parasol roof offers highly uniform shade. They are ideal in gardens and on large balconies. Round parasols used on small balconies with less space can quickly nudge up against the wall of the house. This is why you have to consider the available space before you make a purchase. Glatz offers round parasols ranging from 2 metres in diameter.

Rectangular parasols

Rectangular parasols are harder to find. This alone is what makes them such an eye-catcher. In confined spaces, rectangular parasols can be perfectly positioned into angled areas and can be set up flush with the house wall.

Rectangular cantilever parasol

Cantilever parasols are also available in rectangular or square designs. The masts of rectangular cantilever parasols are attached to the side, providing you with generous space to place furniture directly under the parasol roof. Several rectangular cantilever parasols can be positioned next to each other to create a continuous shaded area.

Small and large parasols

Large parasols from Glatz meet the highest demands in terms of wind stability, longevity and functionality.

Parasol from 2 metres

Glatz offers parasols with a diameter from 2 metres and up, especially for smaller balconies and patios. If you want to shade a balcony, you can attach a small parasol to the railing with a balcony clamp to save space. The lawn spike offers another fixation option, which is also designed for small parasols. You can use it to securely fasten your parasol to the lawn.

Parasol 3 metres

A 300 × 300 centimetres parasol provides a large shaded area that can conveniently accommodate four people. A 3-metre parasol is ideal for larger outdoor areas and is available in a variety of designs.

Parasol 4 metres

A 4-metre parasol is part of the giant parasol family. This makes it perfect for professional use as well as for private households, provided there is adequate space on the patio. Glatz offers a range of 4-metre parasols in diverse shapes.

Large stable parasols up to 8 metres

Large, stable parasols are in high demand, particularly in the catering and hotel sectors. Glatz designs professional parasols with spans reaching up to 8 metres, which offer reliable protection against UV radiation, wind, rain and cold.

Special features

Tiltable and rotating parasols

Glatz parasols feature a range of folding and stepless tilt functions. This allows you to adjust the parasol roof according to the course of the sun. Depending on the model, the ball-bearing turnable bases on the mast shaft ensure that the shade can be rotated by 360°. The parasol height can also be easily adjusted at any time.

Parasol with crank

In order to conveniently and quickly open the parasols, Glatz furnishes each model with ergonomic opening mechanisms. Choose from the following:

● Ergonomic runners

● Pulley systems

● Removable hand cranks

● Motor-driven mechanisms with remote control

Water-repellent parasol

Parasols are used outdoors and should therefore be made of weather-resistant materials. Glatz’s water-repellent parasols with fabric quality 5 offer a water column of over 350 millimetres, providing optimum performance in terms of weather resistance. This means that sociable gatherings under the parasol can continue even if a brief summer shower occurs.

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