Cleaning and maintenance

Caring for your Glatz parasol properly


If your parasol is only slightly dirty, you can clean it yourself. The best way to do this is to brush off any dirt when the parasol is dry. Alternatively, you can treat stains with lukewarm water, a soft brush and detergent. Rinse well with clear water afterwards, allow to dry and, if necessary, treat with a commercial impregnating agent. Do not use aggressive detergents. However, if dry cleaning is necessary, we recommend you contact a specialist in cleaning polyester and polyacrylic fabrics. In Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Glatz cooperates with the following companies: Schattenwerk (Switzerland), VDS Sonnenschutz (Germany) and SCM Shading Cleaners Mühleder GmbH (Austria). The Care tips document contains the most important care instructions for your parasol.

Tie the parasol correctly

The parasol should be tied properly in order to avoid clamping and abrasion damage and premature wear due to strong fluttering and flapping of the fabric in the wind.


You can carry out simple repairs yourself. The appropriate spare parts can be purchased from our trained Glatz sales partners. Our Glatz sales partners will also be happy to help if you find yourself dealing with a complex repair. Simply get in touch with them.

Struts/strut ends

Broken or defective roof struts, including strut ends, can generally be replaced on all models. Depending on the parasol model, this calls for basic technical knowledge (garden parasols) or in-depth technical expertise (giant parasols). You can purchase ribs and rib ends from one of our retailers.

Teak, eucalyptus wood and ash care

Teak (used for the TEAKWOOD parasol type) is a very robust, weather-resistant material which over time acquires a natural patina (a thin silver-grey layer). This patina can be rubbed off with a scouring pad and some warm water if necessary. If you would like to preserve the original wood colour, you can apply teak oil (available in most hardware stores) to the dry wood. You can leave untreated teak parasols outside in the winter. Oiled teak umbrellas should be stored under cover to protect the surface.


The umbrella frames of the PIAZZINO (eucalyptus wood) and ALEXO (ash) umbrella types are varnished. To maintain a beautiful appearance for as long as possible, the frames should be kept dry. If this is not possible, it is recommended to dry the wood with a soft cloth. Dirt should be wiped off with a damp cloth and the wood then dried with a soft cloth. In all cases, we recommend that you cover the umbrella fabric with a protective cover.


The frame of the AURA side-mast parasol is also made of varnished eucalyptus wood. Because of its size, this parasol can be left outside in any weather, so it is also recommended to keep the frame as dry as possible and to always use the protective cover when not in use. For the wooden frame we provide care instructions with detailed steps for preventive care as well as damage repair. AURA maintenance instructions

Eucalyptus wood:

Care of stainless steel and aluminium

Aluminium is a very low-maintenance material. Nevertheless, any dirt should be wiped with a damp cloth and then dried with a soft cloth. The stainless steel used is manufactured in material quality 1.4301 / 304, the industry standard for outdoor items. Since the high-quality stainless steel is constantly exposed to the weather, it should occasionally be maintained to keep it looking like new. Although stainless steel is essentially corrosion resistant, small brown spots may appear on the surface due to salt or chlorine exposure. These do not affect the durability or service life of the product. It is a superficial discolouration that can be easily removed by rubbing with a sponge. When doing so, always gently rub in the direction of the surface treatment. For older stains, we advise treating the material with a stainless-steel cleaning agent.

Winter storage and maintenance

Only materials that meet the industry standard for outdoor items are used in the manufacture of Glatz parasols. Regardless of this high technical standard, weather-related wear and tear effects may occur and cannot be avoided. For the greatest possible protection, we recommend that you store your parasol under cover during the winter months, or that you use an original Glatz protective cover when outdoors.

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