Protective covers for parasols

Parasol covers

Protective covers for parasols

Prolong the life of your parasol

Protection from wind and weather

Glatz only uses weather-resistant materials in its parasols.

Nevertheless, without a parasol cover, weather-related wear and tear can occur regardless. If your parasol can’t be kept indoors in winter, a parasol cover will protect it from wind and the elements.

Protection from colour fading

UV rays can change the colour of fabrics. Depending on a fabric’s lightfastness, the colour intensity will fade faster or slower. A parasol cover protects the canopy from UV radiation when not in use, preserving the original colour tone for longer.

Protection from dirt

The use of a parasol cover is a trusted way to protect your parasol from rain, the sun, dust, pollen, dirt, etc. A protective cover also prevents moisture from getting into the parasol, and therefore prevents the formation of stains on the canopy cloth or rod.

Parasol type 



Parasol type 



Protective covers made by Glatz

Design and functionality

We have a matching parasol cover for every parasol from Glatz. From mounting and dismounting to stowing the cover, every step is ergonomically adapted and optimised down to the last detail.

Parasol cover with rod

Glatz places the highest value on functionality. Our parasol covers are equipped with a rod that can be screwed together, making it easy to attach the cover without having to fetch an additional chair or ladder for help.

Highest material quality

Glatz protective covers are made of crease-resistant, lightweight polyester fabric that keeps its shape and features a breathable inner coating. The polyester PU coating also makes the cover resistant to fading caused by direct sunlight.


If you are unable to store your parasol under a roof during the winter months, we advise you to use a Glatz parasol cover. A protective cover is probably the most recommended accessory you can buy to prevent damage from strong gusts of wind or other weather.

The stainless steel used by Glatz is highly resistant to corrosion and weathering. If parasol parts made of this high-quality stainless steel are permanently exposed to the elements, small, brown spots may appear due to salt or chlorine exposure. However, these stains are only superficial and can be easily rubbed off with a sponge.