Fabric canopies for parasols

Fabric canopies

Fabric canopies for Glatz parasols

Whether you fancy a new colour or simply need a new canopy, you can order original fabric canopies from our sales partners. These are designed specifically for each Glatz parasol model.

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Fabric canopies for Glatz parasols

Fabric canopies for Glatz parasols

Three fabric qualities in 70 colours

Depending on the parasol model, the fabric canopies are available in up to three fabric qualities (fabric quality 5,4 and 2) and in up to 70 colours. All offer over 98% UV protection and differ in terms of lightfastness, water resistance and robustness. The higher the quality of the fabric, the better its properties.

UV protection

All the fabric covers – regardless of fabric quality – offer a very high UV protection of more than 98%.

Original canopies for Glatz parasols

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