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GLATZ AG is a Swiss family business which has been in the traditional business of developing, manufacturing and selling high-quality parasols for private and commercial use for over 125 years now.

For four generations, we have ensured that our products and tailor-made shading solutions embody timeless elegance, functionality, durability and reliability and this has made GLATZ into a European and worldwide industry leader for the premium market.

Look closely, listen carefully and understand what people want. As a Swiss company, we at Glatz have been committed to this principle since 1895. Our products should make sense and have everything that first-class shading comfort requires in proverbial Swiss quality. As a pioneer of the side-mast and giant parasol, we seek to identify key outdoor trends early on and lead the way in the development and production of individually configured parasols. With 19 different models and over 20,000 possible combinations, we have redefined solar shading quality. Glatz parasols, as one of the world’s largest parasol ranges, are available in different formats, various sizes and in over 70 colour shades. Whether you want to enjoy outdoor living in the city, country, mountains or on the coast, our certified dealers can show you the many options that are available to you. The dealers are trained and tested by us on a regular basis. Whenever you feel really comfortable somewhere sitting or lying in the shade, there’s a good chance that you’re enjoying life beneath a Glatz parasol. We leave nothing to chance – that is our quality standard when it comes to your quality of life.

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