Glatz - a true partner

Not least because we look after the things that are close to our heart. Our relations with our employees, customers, distributors and sponsorship partners are characterised by mutual appreciation, respect and trust.

Swiss Cancer Foundation

As a company devoted to its homeland, GLATZ takes its social responsibility seriously and works with eminent representatives of the Swiss economy to support the Swiss Cancer Foundation (SCF) in the fight against cancer. With its donations, the SCF funds Swiss Cancer Research, the Swiss Cancer League and the cantonal cancer leagues in research projects as well as prevention and care for cancer patients and their dependants.

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Sponsored by GLATZ for many years, the Swiss Guild of Established Chefs was founded in 1954 as a professional association for certified chefs who also own a catering business. From upmarket guesthouses to gourmet restaurants, each ofthe 300 Swiss Guild establishments always promises a special culinary experience in terms of quality, atmosphere and service.

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Bodensee Open

Launched in 2010, the Bodensee Open has grown over the past 10 years to become a brand and an indispensable programme highlight on the Swiss tennis agenda. The press and the scene describe the Bodensee Open as the biggest of its kind in Europe and refreshingly different. The event combines top-level sport and the encounters beside the courts to create an entertaining all-round experience. Attention to detail is a top priority for the organisers and has been meticulously cultivated and lived from the very beginning. It is a mission to surprise the athletes, the audience and the sponsors with improvements and new highlights every year.