Glatz fabric collection

70 colours in the highest fabric quality

Whether it’s a centre-pole, centre-mast or side-mast parasol, with a frame made of aluminium or wood: there’s an ideal fabric for each model which perfectly emphasises the design and turns your parasol into an eye-catcher. However, it’s not just the colour but also primarily the fabric quality which is essential for long-term enjoyment of your parasol.

Our colours: from classic pastels to bold brights

The new colour collections “Morning Light” and “Sunset Glow” from Glatz consist of gentle, pastel shades as well as intense colours. We’ve worked with colour experts to select a total of 70 colours in three fabric qualities (fabric classes 5, 4 and 2) which harmonise with the colour trends of contemporary living environments.

Choose the perfect cover for your individual parasol from 70 colours.

The better the fabric quality, the longer you can enjoy your parasol

We select our fabrics according to strict criteria. Our aim is to ensure that you are more than satisfied with your parasol and that you can enjoy its shade for a long, long time. It’s not just the colour and first impressions that matter. All Glatz canopies – regardless of the fabric quality – fulfil the long-lasting canopy standards. They guarantee maximum possible UV protection of more than 98 per cent. The fabric qualities differ in terms of the fading resistance of the fabric colour, durability, all-weather protection, as well as the look and feel. The higher the fabric quality, the better the fabric properties.

A higher fabric quality guarantees:

  • longer lasting fabric colour measured by the lightfastness of the fabric

  • improved tear resistance and thus longer material durability, measured by the grammage/density and processing of the fabric

  • higher water repellency of the fabric, measured by the height of the water column of the fabric

  • a more elegant appearance through the use of higher-quality fabrics (fabric quality 5 looks matt and firm, whereas fabric quality 2 looks shiny and light)

When it comes to durability, our polyacrylic awning canopies in fabric quality 5 are the top choice: owing to a special production process, they feature outstanding tear resistance and tension. In addition, a coating is applied during production which prevents the penetration of dirt particles and mould. The fabrics of classes 4 and 2 also impress with great durability as well as considerable tear resistance and tension.

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Protection against the sun and ultraviolet rays

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Nothing leaves without completing the wind tunnel test.

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It’s all about good fabric maintenance.

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