Tested in the wind-tunnel

Wind stable parasols

Wind stable parasols

At Glatz, the word for every sunshade is: get into the pole position.

In addition to design, functionality, features and size, wind resistance is a decisive factor when you select a sunshade – especially for the hotel and restaurant business. It is important to select the optimum sunshade taking the wind conditions and the size of the outer area into consideration.

We test our sunshade models not only with respect to functionality and handling, but also for their wind resistance in a wind tunnel. Every GLATZ sunshade model is subject to an increasingly greater wind force on a firmly anchored support pole in a wind tunnel before being released for sale. The changes and damages to the respective sunshade model are logged, analyzed and reworked (if necessary) or adapted accordingly per wind speed level. After considerable reworking and adaptations, the sunshade model gets again "into the pole position".

We provide our specifications for wind resistance in kilometres per hour (km/h) and Beachfort (Bft), but the specification in kilometres per hour is binding.

As a safe solution at spots with increased wind, for example in the mountains, at the ocean or sea, we recommend installing fixed anchorage in the ground, independent of the sunshade type and its wind resistance.

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