Fixation possibilities for your parasol

A parasol also requires the right fixation solution. Owners of Glatz parasols who use our original accessories for optimal fixation and stability can be sure that they have made the right choice. Only in this way can the stability be guaranteed in line with our performance commitment, in terms of wind stability and the Glatz warranty. Depending on the situation and place of use, Glatz offers various fixation solutions.

For information on which type of fixation is suitable for the parasol you have chosen, the correct size and also the dimensions, please refer to the relevant product flyer.

Basically, there are three types of parasol stands:

Fixed anchors:

Does the parasol have a fixed place on a terrace that never changes? If so, we recommend that you use a ground socket set firmly in concrete, so that the base doesn’t stick up and become a tripping hazard. For cafés and restaurants in particular, this type of fixation is very useful. Guests and waiting staff can move around freely beneath the parasols and between tables without a base getting in the way.

  • The maximum indicated wind speeds are guaranteed.

  • Ideal when there is no or little space for a base.

  • The anchor is fixed and is level with the ground when the parasol is dismantled. Tripping hazards are thus eliminated.

Mobile fixation solution:

Do you want to be able to adapt your shading to the position of the sun? If so, what you need is a base with castors.


Does your parasol remain in the same place most of the time and does not obstruct any walkways? If so, we recommend using a parasol stand as a base. Bases come in different dimensions, weights and materials.

Ground socket:

Ideal for sinking into the ground

Mounting plate:

Ideal if no ground socket can be set in concrete

Wall console:

Ideal if the parasol is to be mounted on a wall

Mobile fixation options

  • Various bases with castors allow you to easily move the parasol.

  • With this type of parasol stand, the maximum specified wind speeds cannot be guaranteed.

  • On a balcony, a parasol holder can be attached to the balcony railing, called a balcony clamp.

  • For mobile fixation on a lawn, we recommend a lawn spike.

Roller base with decorative plate:

Ideal for small to medium parasols

The smaller base with castors(55 kg) is made of concrete and comes in light concrete.

The larger bases with castors (120 and 180 kg) have a galvanised and powder-coated steel frame and are available in anthracite or matt white with weight elements.

The decorative plates come in the colours anthracite and grey white. They can be easily interchanged and cleaned.

M4 base:

Ideal for larger parasols

Natural granite base Z

Thanks to built-in castors and an extendable handle, smaller umbrellas can be easily moved to another location.

Lawn spike – a mobile ground spike:

Ideal for fixing small parasols in the grass

Balcony clamp:

Ideal for balconies with a flat handrail


  • The location of the parasol is freely selectable. Compared to a roller base, however, a normal base can only be moved with difficulty.

  • A wide variety of shapes and materials are available (concrete, steel, granite).

  • Maximum wind stability cannot be guaranteed with this parasol stand.

Various base options:

From the left:

  • Z concrete base: 30kg / 40 kg / 70 kg / 90 kg

  • Z granite base: 90kg

  • Z steel base: 40 kg / 70 kg

  • M4 / M8 / M16 socket: 120 - 690 kg

Base covers:

For a more beautiful and harmonious parasol appearance, Glatz offers base covers for bases M4, M8 and M16. The plastic M4 base covers are available in the colours aluminium-anodised as well as anthracite; the M4, M8 and M16 covers are made of aluminium and are available in light grey and anthracite as standard, and can be ordered in all RAL colours.

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