Brands and patents

Best possible brand protection for our originals

Glatz AG has driven innovation in the industry for over 125 years. Pioneering product launches have always shaped our work and pointed the way forward for the global parasol market. For example, the invention of the gear joint for the design classic ALEXO® in 1931 marked the beginning of tiltable parasols. Or the launch of the first side-mast parasol in the world with the PENDALEX® model in 1959. Nothing stood in the way of worldwide success in the contract business after the launch of the first technically advanced giant parasol, the PERGOLA model, in 1972. A cutting-edge example is the combination of design and function in the TWIST garden parasol, and its automatic vertical crank alignment is a magical feat of engineering.

Glatz has always applied for functional and design patents for its product developments in Switzerland, Europe and overseas. Currently, there are around 30 patents, and new ones are added every year, which protect Glatz AG from imitations.

GLATZ® itself as well as a large number of product names are internationally registered and protected for garden and giant parasol models.

This commitment to innovation with our own development department guarantees that the end user will always find a stable, high-quality, ergonomic and elegant parasol from Glatz.

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