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For the garden, balcony or patio: a yellow parasol from Glatz adds colour to your home and perfectly sets the scene for any type of outdoor area.

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Yellow parasols spread cheerfulness

A yellow parasol immediately evokes a summer feeling and reliably protects you from harmful UV rays.

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Two basic types of parasols

Yellow cantilever parasol

A cantilever parasol, also called a free-arm parasol, is a type of parasol where the parasol pole is located at the side of the parasol roof instead of in the centre. The space directly under the parasol roof can thus be used optimally. As a result, the cantilever parasol guarantees maximum shade with minimal space requirements.

Yellow centre-pole parasol

The centre-pole parasol is the classic among parasols. As the name suggests, the parasol pole is located in the centre of the parasol roof. The design makes it very wind-resistant. To ensure that the parasol fits perfectly into your outdoor area, the parasol size and shape can be selected freely at Glatz.

We offer you over 20,000 possible combinations.

Frequently asked questions about yellow parasols

Canopies woven with threads that have already been dyed yellow are particularly resistant to fading of the fabric. High-quality materials such as polyacrylic also help to maintain the original yellow shade of the canopy even after years of use.

At Glatz, the colour does not matter. Each colour shade guarantees maximum possible UV protection of more than 98 per cent. A yellow parasol protects you perfectly from the dangerous rays.

The wind stability of each parasol model is tested extensively in the wind tunnel. Depending on the model and fixation solution, the parasols can withstand wind speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour.

Dirt and stains should be removed from the yellow fabric as soon as possible to prevent penetration into the fabric. Use a soft brush to brush off loose debris such as pollen. Alternatively, stains can be treated with lukewarm water and a gentle detergent. Never use aggressive cleaning agents. For tough stains, it is best to contact a specialist in cleaning polyester and polyacrylic fabrics.

A crank allows you to quickly and easily open and close your white parasol. If necessary, your parasol can be fitted with a motor or a foot pedal.

Glatz offers parasols with integrated LED strips and heaters. You can choose from various fixation options, depending on whether you want to use your white parasol on the balcony, the patio or in the garden. There is a matching protective cover for each model, with which you can additionally extend the life of your white canopy.

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125 years of experience

We know our business. Glatz has been developing stylish and highly functional parasols for the world market for over 125 years. We will find the perfect shade solution for you, no matter how complex your project is.

Choice of colour

A yellow parasol is a real eye-catcher and creates a summer feeling in your garden or on your balcony. With a total of over 70 colours to choose from, you are bound to find your favourite shade of yellow.

Largest parasol range in the world

With more than 20,000 possible combinations, we offer you one of the largest ranges of parasols in the world. Discover yellow parasols in different shapes and sizes.

Long-lasting workmanship

In the manufacture of each yellow parasol, we focus on Swiss quality and use only high-quality materials that far exceed the industry standard.


Proper fixation is imperative for optimal stability in windy conditions. In addition to parasol bases, we offer other mobile or permanent fixation solutions.

Protective cover

In bad weather and during the winter months, we recommend that you use a suitable protective cover for your parasol. This provides the best protection for the material and the yellow colour.

Spare parts

In the unlikely event that a part of the parasol should become damaged, we offer you the correct original spare part for every parasol model. Our Glatz service team is there to help you.

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