Waterproof parasols

Waterproof parasol – weather protection at the highest level: Protection from sun, wind and rain.

Water-repellent versus waterproof

Generally, parasols are water-repellent due to a special coating, but not waterproof. Glatz parasol fabrics have been designed for optimum weather protection. With one of our parasols, a social encounter can continue outside despite intermittent rain.

The water column of the fabric

The higher the water column of the fabric, the more water-repellent the parasol cover. Our Glatz premium collection in fabric class 5 includes parasol fabrics that have a water column of > 350 mm. This value guarantees excellent all-weather protection.

Textile look and feel

The inconspicuous water-repellent coating makes the parasol robust and easy to clean. At the same time, the parasols have a pleasant textile feel, natural fabric look as well as high lightfastness.

Waterproof parasols

The water permeability of the canopy indicates the water-pressure resistance of a parasol. The measurement procedure involves exposing the outer fabric of the parasol to water. We start with a water pressure of zero. We then increase the water column every minute. If the third drop of water is visible on the inside of the fabric, the pressure at that time is expressed in millimetres of water column.

The best way to store your Glatz parasol during the winter is to keep it in a dry room. If you do decide to leave the parasol outdoors during the winter, be sure to use the original protective cover from Glatz to avoid any weather-related wear and tear. Glatz also offers a special storage and maintenance service for the hotel and catering sector.

Just like our skin, parasol fabrics need to be wary of UV rays. As with sun lotions, there are also different levels of lightfastness for canopies. A cheap fabric with a low level of lightfastness will fade quickly and lose its colour intensity. To ensure full protection, Glatz recommends choosing fabrics with lightfastness level 8 (Glatz fabric quality 5).

The stainless steel we use is manufactured to a high material quality that meets the industry standard for outdoor products. Even though our stainless steel is basically corrosion-proof, “acid” rain can wash up dirt particles from the air. Brown stains may appear on the surface, but these can easily be removed with a sponge.

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